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Everything you need to know about your business.
  • Business Analysis
  • Search Engine Positions
  • Website Error Monitoring
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Visitor Heatmaps
  • Keyword Research

Business critical information

Understanding where you sit in the Search Engines helps you understand what you need to do

all your important metrics in one place

With All your important metrics available to you in one place, you have more time to spend on your business, not chasing reports. We have taken the hard work out of reporting and supply only the most important data.

You can still access your full dataset from the source if you need to.

Utilising the power of APIs we are able to consolidate multiple source data streams into one easy to use panel. 

By the way, our admin dashboard is mobile-ready so you can manage your website wherever you are. 

Data is still king

If you are like most people in business, you probably do not have a lot of free time, to monitor 20 different apps just to get an overview of where your website is not performing.

Even if you did, most of these are full of complicated jargon, or overkill with useless info.

We have removed all of the excess bloat and provide everything you need to know to make decisions about moving your business forward.
Get the complete picture, without the hassle.


Perfect for small startups that have less than 10 team members


  • 1 Domain
  • Support at $25/hour
  • Small social media package


Suitable for a growing business that just wants to get on with it


  • 5000 emails/month
  • Support at $25/hour
  • Small social media package

Established business

Perfect for small startups that have less than 10 team members


  • 15 000 emails/month
  • 1000 SMS messages/month
  • Small social media package


Perfect for small startups that have less than 10 team members


  • 1 GB of space
  • Support at $25/hour
  • Small social media package

re-discover your business – all your metrics in one place

Built for whats important

Our whole ethos revolves around delivering data that helps you, the business owner get the important information in just a few easy to read screens.

Remove the guess work

Remove the guess work when making business decisions. Built from the ground to work with WooCommerce and Google Data, giving you quick access to everything you need.


Users per month


Backlink per month


Real links



a snapshot of what we do


Everything you need to know about your website in one easy to use screen. Freedom to run your business, not chase.


Discover what makes your visitors click and where. Knowing what your site visitors do is half the battle


Understanding where your site ranks ofr your target keywords is half the battle when it comes to increasing traffic.


KPIs, the lifeblood of any business – see everything that you need to understand how your business stacks.

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